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We're all shocked that this happened.

He came to see me yesterday afternoon. Kaj warned me about you. Do you like the same kind of music as your parents do? Somebody could get hurt.

He was trying so hard that he turned red. The man whom we saw in the park was Mr Hill. Otherwise you won't get there before dark. Wake up and smell the roses. My boss is very nice. I gave birth to my first child last year. The drunken sailors wrecked havoc inside the bar. He really ticked me off. Can we talk about this inside?

I warned Santa to stay away from Shadow.

I will deal with her myself. Cristopher was badly beaten before being killed.

I want to text, but my eyes hurt. Old people were tricked by the shop assistant. Should I let them go? If you compare this to that, which is better?

This statement is wrong. The peaches cost twelve francs a kilo. Let me speak to him first. How do I get to NHK? Nick is in his bedroom doing his homework. I know we've had problems, but I think they've all been solved. Our yacht club has ten members.

They decided to get married the next month. We heard gunfire. Do you think you can help Sofia? No one saw her when she left. Rabin works as a croupier in a casino. Could you tell me all the details? I'll tell him right now. The clock dictates man's movements. Vernon doesn't know how to ski. Please don't forget to put stamps on the letters that I gave you to mail.

Unfortunately, I'm not much of an dancer. She scared the cat away. The summit of the mountain is about 2000 meters above sea level. Do they deserve our sympathy? It might prove useful. Is that too much to ask? Tell me how to beat sleeplessness.

She has lived alone for ages. Where is there a restaurant? I want to go to school and study hard. It's been too long. Krzysztof is tuning his guitar. Please keep this information to yourself.

How long that bridge is! Please speak more quickly. Donnie and his friends walked down the street, singing a song. Who is the woman dressed in pink? The correspondence is kept in several files.

"Have you been crying?" "Yes, my eyes are all red." I will attest that I did not hear that. Lum told Fay she was seeing other guys. Maybe it wasn't so obvious.